AcoustiFeet Firm Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-30B

AcoustiFeet Firm Anti-Vibration Feet ACF3007-30B

Product description

A simple and economic solution to combat unwanted vibrational noise ! Throw away your plastic feet and apply a set of four self-adhesive soft silicone case feet ! A great deal of PC case feet are solid plastic, or (at best) very hard rubber and therefore do a good job of transmitting unwanted vibrations from inside a PC via the chassis/case into the desk, floor or shelf on which the system sits. In this situation, where the case is in direct contact with the substrate, the PC can generate annoying noise elsewhere (secondary noise).

Anti-vibration case feet are not just limited to combating PC noise and for vibration control in their application - they may be useful for Inkjet and Laser Printers, HiFi Separates, TVs, Small Form Factor PCs, Home Theatre PCs, and any number of appliances and enclosures that would benefit from vibration adsorption and reduction. Speaker cabinets may also be a useful application for these feet - helping to isolate the speaker cabinet from the surface on which it sits. These feet are low-profile (7mm high), so they won't necessarily be seen, 30mm in diameter and they are non-marking. The rounded edge is designed specifically to dampen vibration transmission in multiple planes.

This pack of 4 Firm (Shore A 25°) feet is suitable for seriously heavy PCs and tower server cases - heavier PCs with multiple HDDs, tower-style case servers, other applications like noisy photocopiers and office equipment etc.

The maximum total optimal load (4 feet) is 30kg. The optimal load is the heaviest weight at which compression still occurs in the feet. The feet can carry higher loads, but they become over-compressed and suffer a reduced vibration-absorbing capacity if overloaded.

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