Motherboard BIOS POST Speaker - 4 Pin 2 Wire Connector

Motherboard BIOS POST Speaker - 4 Pin 2 Wire Connector

Product description

A new and non retail packaged mini speaker, which has a 4 pin 2 wire connector, the length of the cable (excluding the connector and the actual speaker) is approximately 4cm.

This mini speaker is designed to be connected to your computer motherboard so that you can hear the BIOS POST beep codes from startup. Useful for diagnosis and troubleshooting as very few motherboards come supplied with a speaker.

The speaker connects to the appropriate 4 pin connector situated on your motherboard, for this location consult your motherboard manual or search the web.

Please note as this is not a sound card and/or a controller, it cannot play sounds from the operating system, it is only for the motherboard BIOS POST beep codes.

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