Pack of 8 Acousti AFM02B Ultra-Soft Flush Fit Silicone Fan Mounts

Pack of 8 Acousti AFM02B Ultra-Soft Flush Fit Silicone Fan Mounts

Product description

This non retail packaged pack of 8 ultra-soft fan mounts, enough for 2 fans, and manufactured by Acousti (p/n AFM02B) is ideal to reduce the amount of vibrational noise that can be caused by a fan motor.
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Vibration from fan motors can travel into a PC case and become amplified when a fan is fitted tightly. This unwanted 'vibrational' noise is an issue if you wish to build a very quiet or virtually silent PC. These mounts have been designed specifically to tackle fan induced vibrational noise. Acousti Ultra-Soft Fan Mounts are a 'no-vibration' alternative to standard fan screws or hard plastic push pins.

To prevent the transmission of vibrations from a motor (such as a fan motor), the vibrating part needs to be decoupled (or disengaged) from the case, and the vibrations need to be damped, that is, attenuated. Acousti Products have selected an ultra-soft silicone polymer that effectively decouples the fan and also attenuates unwanted vibration. Both the shape and materials have been designed together to give a widely compatible fan mount.

These mounts are made from an ultra-soft silicone polymer because it is softer and more chemically stable than cheaper alternatives like rubber or EPDM. Ultra-soft silicone is non-toxic, more chemically stable, and can also tolerate higher temperatures - so it is a superior material for this application.
  • Extra-soft black silicone gives optimal fan noise reduction
  • Compatible with all fans with standard mounting holes
  • Easy to fit and remove - no case modifications required
  • Excellent value for money and long-lasting (durable and tearproof)
  • Fan Type Designed to fit - Flange Type fans
  • Range of Fan Mounting Holes - 4.0 - 5.25mm diameter
  • Range of Case Mounting Holes - 4.0 - 5.5mm diameter
  • Maximum recommended panel thickness - 1.8 mm
  • Length - 26mm
  • Largest Diameter - 8.0mm
  • Max. Elongation - >100%
  • Weight each - 0.4 g
  • Colour - Matt Black
  • Material - Ultra-Soft Silicone Dampening Polymer
  • Toxicity - Non-toxic
  • REACH environmental compliance - Yes
  • Normal Operating Temperature Range - from -20°C to +70°C
  • Warranty - 24 months

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