Pack of 8 Acousti AP-1003W-C Clear Anti-Vibration Silicone Washers

Pack of 8 Acousti AP-1003W-C Clear Anti-Vibration Silicone Washers

Product description

This non retail packaged pack of 8 clear anti-vibration washers manufactured by Acousti (p/n AP-1003W-C) is ideal to reduce or eliminate the vibration effect, which often manifests itself as a deep, annoying rumbling sound when components, such as a power supply are installed into a PC case.
Simply put one washer between the component and the metal panel onto which it is mounted, then put another washer onto the screw so it sits under the screw head, then screw the component into place. The silicone washers will sit on either side of the metal panel, and significantly reduce the amplified vibrational noise from the fan, drive or power supply.
  • Super soft silicone washers
  • Excellent for reducing vibrational fan, drive and PSU noise
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Non rubber material will not perish or degrade with time
  • Washer thickness - 2.0mm ±2%
  • Outer diameter - 10.0mm ±2%
  • Inner hole diameter - 2.5mm ±2%
  • Weight each - 0.1745 g
  • Material - soft silicone dampening polymer
  • Hardness - Shore A40
  • Toxicity - non-toxic
  • REACH environmental compliance - Yes
  • Flame retardancy - UL94-V0
  • Electrical dielectric strength - 23 kV/mm
  • Volume resistivity - 6x10^7 Mohm.m
  • Normal Operating Temperature Range - from -20°C to +70°C
  • Warranty - 24 months


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