USB - Lightning Sync Data Cable & Charger For iPhone5, iPod, iPad Mini


Product description

This cable from LMS DATA (p/n C-USB-LIGHT) has a generous 1 metre length, longer than the stock cable supplied by Apple™, and has a robust Lightning and standard high-speed USB cable connector.

The new C-USB-LIGHT is totally compatible with the new, 8-pin Lightning interface adopted by the new Apple™ mobile devices. This new, higher speed connector uses 'adaptive transfer' technology to make faster uploads and downloads to your device from applications such as iTunes™, all with the added benefit of charging your Apple™ device.


  • Generous 1 metre cable length
  • Charge your iPhone™5, iPad™mini, iPad™ with Retina display
  • Supports latest generation iPod™ Touch with Lightning interface
  • Adaptive 8-pin Lightning connector for faster transfers
  • Enable fast Sync for iTunes™, Apps and much more
  • Ideal for your Windows™ or Mac™ computer
  • Shielded cable for improved data transfer at high-speeds
  • Supports USB 2.0 transfer rates at up to 480Mbps
  • Robust connectors for long life
  • Low cost, but high quality alternative to Apple™ connectivity

Please note that this cable is NOT compatible with early generation devices such as iPhone™4S. Also please note that when plugged into some Apple™ devices the following warning maybe displayed ...

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably ...

This is a normal occurrence and the cable does work with your device.


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